CEO & MD’s Message

I welcome all our valued customers and new acquaintances to the official website of one of the most prolific and fastest growing Civil/Industrial Contractors in the Middle East. Gulf Asia Contracting Co. LLC (GAC) is being recognized today as a premier general contractor in the Middle East and beyond.

Whether you prefer to measure a company by its success in the areas of safety, quality, schedule or employee tenure, GAC is easily in the running for being known as one of the best in the region.

In just a short span of a decade, GAC has grown to over 10,000 highly skilled employees, creating in the process an enviable list of satisfied customers; who have been won over by our delivery of quality jobs with accident-free and on-time completion reports.

Many ask how we have accomplished such strong and phenomenal growth. To understand this, one needs to look at the type of work force that has been assembled at the core of the organization. By hiring and in turn retaining the very best skilled employees, the company has been able to show tremendous growth; one that is rooted in a strong foundation. We at GAC treat our customers and each other with respect, honesty and compassion. We look out for each other and strive to create the safest and healthiest workplace possible, especially on site. Founded on the basic principles that “WE ARE ALL A FAMILY WITH GOD AS OUR STRENGTH”, and that “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING”, all else, suddenly becomes possible and we are measured by our successes.

As a customer, whether your corporate safety policy is “zero tolerance”, or if the workmanship quality on the project must adhere to the highest international standards, or even if you have a seemingly impossible schedule to meet, then GAC is who you want to partner with! We can say this with immense confidence because of the long list of satisfied customers who have vested their trust in us, time and time again. What better affirmation than having numerous repeat customers all over the region.

I take pride in the fact that GAC places great value on putting the needs and requirements of the customer first. We go that extra mile trying to understand a customer’s requirements thoroughly, thereby enabling us to create the best possible team dynamics to meet those very needs. Our primary objective is to be able to realize and share our customer’s goals and turn their dreams into reality. GAC has always endeavored to meet challenges with an uncompromising attitude towards quality and is determined to continue to grow into a highly safe and efficient organization, ready to meet the ever evolving business needs of a dynamic clientele.

Thank you,

Dr Ravi Pillai
CEO & Managing Director

+966 13 865 2727
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