GAC recognizes the responsibilities placed on it by the relevant Environmental Legislation & Regulations on the nature, scale and environmental impact of its Activities, Products and Services.

The top management will take all reasonable steps to ensure that it complies with the legislation and other requirements including a commitment to continued improvement and prevention of pollution. Top management recognizes that statutory obligations and regulations are accepted as minimum requirements only.

In order to meet its environmental objectives, GAC will provide sufficient resources of time, personnel and finance. It is also the policy of the GAC to provide information, training and supervision to its workforce in pursuance of these objectives and to ensure that its subcontractors provide similar resources and arrangements.

It is the duty of all personnel (including suppliers, subcontractors and visitors) to take all reasonable precautions to improve our environmental performance by preventing pollution, reducing waste, minimizing hazardous waste, and recycling waste as much as possible. Our legal and moral responsibility towards the environment dictates that we all must know and comply with the environmental regulations and try to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

In order that this policy can be complied with, the contents of the policy shall be made available to all GAC employees, subcontractors and self-employed personnel and other interested parties.

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