Safety Policy

GAC’s Safety Policy is to fully recognize the importance of Safety, Health, Welfare & Morale of all employees and also for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment at all times, in accordance with Management Health, Safety and Environmental General Instructions.

  • To establish the highest standards of safety. All project personnel from Management Staff and below shall comply with the safety rules and regulations and also follow the code of Conduct for Safety laid down by the Project Management/Client. To ensure that each and every one of us has a duty and responsibility towards safety of self and others.
  • Meeting of the applicable statutory requirements.
  • Complying with safety rules and regulations and eliminating all unsafe activities.
  • Investigating all possibility of accidents and taking appropriate safety actions to avoid any risk of health or untoward incident.
  • Encouraging effective implementation of safe working procedures and practices.
  • Maintaining a hazard-free, clean and safe work environment at project sites.
  • Enhancing the safety procedures and knowledge through frequent education and training, through advanced quality related technology, of all employees.
  • Complying fully with Saudi Arabian Laws and Statutes standards regarding HSE.
  • Motivating all employees to prevent unsafe work habits and conditions through incentive and appreciation.
  • Providing and establishing required vigilance for ensuring that HSE measures are being taken at the right time and correct procedures with corrective actions are taken. Establishing site emergency action procedures.
  • Providing welfare and rights to all employees working at the site including medical assistance.

In addition to these, GAC is responsible for implementing all required standards in order to to achieve the goals set by Project Management/Client.

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